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Reich’s best/worst decisions: Week 11 Colts at Bills

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

Best Decisions

Feeding Jonathan Taylor

Finally, Reich realized that feeding the ball to JT will lead to positive things almost every play. Taylor got a season-high 35 touches, his most by a lot, and made the most of them getting over 200 yards and 5 touchdowns. Reich is finally understanding that Wentz is not the main guy in this offense and that it all goes through Taylor, the superstar of the team. While the offense has other really good football players, like Michael Pittman Jr., the Colts are wise to use Taylor more. Note: it’s probably best that he’s not used at this time rate every game, or the Colts could feel like the Titans with Derrick Henry.

Entire offensive gameplan

41 points against one of the best defenses in the NFL, playing away, in the rain... just an overall amazing game called by Frank Reich. Hats off to him, I certainly was not expecting something like that in this game. To be honest, I fully expected the Colts' offense to collapse after the first two drives, followed by the Bills easily winning the game, so I have to recognize I was wrong and Reich shut me up big time this game.

Taking away the deep ball

Josh Allen’s 5 longest pass plays not in the 4th quarter were for 20, 18, 14, 12, and 11 yards. The Colts’ defense (with a bit of help from the weather) did an amazing job at taking away the Bills’ biggest weapon. The only touchdown the Colts allowed not in garbage time was an 11-play drive where the Bills had to work for every single yard, and the touchdown play was just an amazing throw by Allen to Diggs, who made an impeccable sideline catch, pretty much impossible to defend.

Finally beating a winning team, and holding a lead

Prior to the Bills game, the Colts had lost every single game against a winning team, botching double-digit leads against the Titans and the Ravens. When the Colts went up 24-7 before halftime, all I could think about was: “Please don’t blow this”, and they certainly did not, scoring two more touchdowns in the 3rd quarter, avoiding stupid turnovers while capitalizing on every single mistake the Bills’ did.

Money Badger over Hot Rod

Michael “Money Badger” Badgley has cemented himself as the Colts’ starting kicker. If as being perfect since the Colts signed him to replace Blankenship was not enough, his performance against the Bills at Orchard Park certainly removed every speck of doubt. Badgley made all 7 of his kicks, and while none of them were over 36 yards, kicking in such deplorable conditions is not easy (Tyler Bass missed two kicks).

Worst Decisions


41-15 against one of the best teams in the NFL, away from Lucas Oil Stadium, outplaying them from start to finish. What is not to like about Reich this game?