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Monday Morning Awards: Week 11 Colts at Bills

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

MVP of the Game: Jonathan Taylor

Was there even a question about who would win this award? 35 touches for over 200 yards and 5 scores, the numbers speak for themselves, as Taylor had perhaps the best game I have ever seen from a Colts’ position player, against one of the toughest defenses in the NFL, away from home, playing in the rain. Taylor ran with anger, making Bills’ defenders long for the final whistle so their suffering could end. This game not only puts Taylor as the favourite for the OPOY award but should also introduce him into the MVP race.

Dud of the Game (The Grigsy): Vacant

Sure I could have picked anyone who did not have such a great game, like Rhodes, Sendejo, or Leonard, but the Colts won 41-15 and everything is great, so I am going to leave this award vacant for the week.

Best Play of the Game: Taylor’s second touchdown of the game

Not only can he do it on the ground, but also through the air, is there anything Jonathan Taylor can’t do? Give him Andrew Luck’s number he might even be able to convince him to come back (just kidding...). This is the play of the game not only because it was amazing, but going up two scores against the Bills with the rain starting to come in was huge, and forced the Bills to pass way more.

Worst Play of the Game: Diggs’ first touchdown

Josh Allen threw an amazing ball to Diggs in the corner of the endzone who got just enough separation from Rock Ya-Sin to catch the ball, get the toes in, and secure the score. This was not a bad play by Ya-Sin by any means, it was just better offense.

Best Position Group: Running backs

This game was all about Jonathan Taylor, and this award goes to the running back group only because JT was just so dominant. How often do you see a guy get 5 touchdowns and over 200 yards? Hines fumbled a handoff but was otherwise productive on the few touches he got.

Unsung Hero: Michael Badgley

7/7 kicking on perhaps the worst conditions to kick is no easy task. While the longest field goal Badgley had to kick was a 36-yarder, I would argue that kicking in such harsh conditions adds at least 15 yards to every kick. The Money Badger continued his perfect streak since taking over the kicker job and now looks set as the Colts’ starter.

Rookie of the Week: Kwity Paye

While he was not as active as against the Jaguars or the Jets, Paye made a big play at a crucial time. With the first half winding down and the Bills driving down the field, Paye got a strip-sack on Allen that the Bills recovered, but after losing 10 yards, 7 seconds, and a timeout.