The Colts are getting hot

It’s go time. As we all know in the NFL, it’s not how you start the season that matters, but it’s how you finish. The Colts again this year got off to a rough start. But as in the past, they are starting to get hot late in the season. The difference from past teams is that this one is purposefully built for playing on the road and in bad weather. They’re made to play in January.

The offensive line has that nasty edge back, especially when they’re run blocking. Taylor and Hines are playing at an extremely high level. Taylor is the best RB in the league, not sure anyone would argue that point right now. Wentz and Pittman have developed good chemistry in the passing game. In short, the offense is clicking; it is elite in my opinion.

On the defensive side of the ball, it’s been dicey. They’ve given up a lot of yards, but have generated turnovers. Still the pass rush has been very suspect. However, I think we may be starting to see things turn around there. While Paye and Odeyingbo haven’t been generating a ton of sacks (yet), it does seem like they’re finally starting to pressure the QB. Pass rush is what makes this defensive scheme work. The Colts don’t need a top 5 defense to win…they just need to be respectable.

The Colts have what it takes to win it all THIS year. Yes, I said it. They can win a Super Bowl this year. To do this, they need to build off this win. The offense needs to remain aggressive, especially in the running game. This team has demonstrated the ability to not only bully teams running the ball, but they can also put up points in a hurry in the air. Very few teams can do this.

The young talent at pass rush needs to continue their development. They must be able to pressure the QB for this to work and to make a run in the playoffs. Lastly, they need to remain healthy. The Colts have all the pieces there to go all the way. Just like Ricky Bobby, this team needs to go fast. Come out guns blazing every single game until they hoist the Lombardi in February. If the Colts can continue to play like they did yesterday and bully teams into submission, a Super Bowl appearance is a real conversation.

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