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Matchups to watch revisited: Week 11 Colts at Bills

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

Kwity Paye vs. Daryl Williams

While rookie edge rusher Kwity Paye was not as productive throughout the game as he had been over the past two weeks, he made a great play at a crucial time. Up 24-7 with just two minutes left in the first half, the Bills were driving down the field before Paye got a strip-sack on Josh Allen that cost the Bills 10 yards and a timeout, and knocked them out of field goal range. This was a very important play to prevent the Bills from gaining any sort of momentum and sent them to the locker room down 3 scores.

Rock Ya-Sin vs. Stefon Diggs

While Colts’ cornerbacks do not follow receivers, Rock Ya-Sin was matched up with Diggs more often than not. While the Bills’ receiver did catch two touchdowns, there was not much Ya-Sin could have done on the first one (The second Diggs’ touchdown was in garbage time and Rodgers was covering him). The season of Lock Ya-Sin continues.

Jonathan Taylor vs. Bills’ run defense

Well, this one certainly went the Colts’ way... what more is there left to say about Jonathan Taylor? JT demolished the Bills, as their defense will probably have nightmares the rest of the season about the young superstar. Taylor got 5 total touchdowns and over 200 yards, and the most impressive number to me is that he got more yards after contact against the Bills than any other running back in total on Sunday. MVP-level stuff by the Colts’ running back.

Eric Fisher vs. Jerry Hughes

The passing game was not the focal point of the offense, as Wentz dropped back to pass just 24 times, and several of them were screens. Still, Fisher did not have a great day in pass protection, but he more than made up for it opening up holes in the running game. It seems like this is what we get with Fisher, an average tackle pass blocking, prone to mistakes, and a really bad game here and there, but an elite run blocker.

Carson Wentz/Frank Reich vs. Winning Teams

Finally Carson and Frank won a game against a winning team this season, after starting the year 0-5. Reich called a perfect game, the Colts were ready for everything the Bills did on offense and the supposedly-stout Buffalo D had no answer to Jonathan Taylor. Carson Wentz did make a couple of really good plays, like that scramble on 3rd down where he escaped a Bills’ defender, but overall he was just not needed as much with Taylor just running like a man possessed. If the Colts can keep this up and manage to beat the Buccaneers, then the playoffs look like a much more realistic possibility.