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Hard Knocks In Season: The Indianapolis Colts- episode 2 recap

Last week Hard Knocks: In Season, The Indianapolis Colts, debued. If you missed that episode recap you can find it here.

Last night, episode two focused on the week that led up to last Sunday’s blowout win against the Buffalo Bills. Hard Knocks showed us that every aspect of the last week should be fondly remembered by the Colts and their fans.

Some great Frank Reich footage here:

In 2018 the Colts were 1-5 when Frank Reich coached his team to a 10-1 finish and a playoff berth. 2021’s comeback feels like it’s well on its way, just like Reich has done time and time again.

I watched this episode on a Southwest airplane. I was laughing out loud like an idiot during this scene. No regrets.

I’m visiting the inlaws and I laughed out loud like an idiot in their living room watching this scene for the second time.

Kwity Paye doesn’t want to play next to DeForest Buckner

Paye seems like a fun guy to be around.

This album isn’t going to sell

But Grover’s restaurant might have a chance to make it:

The coolest part of this episode was seeing the team hanging out as friends outside of practice and games. Grover Stewart has some interesting food prep but we hear later, the results spoke for themselves.

The running backs hung out too

Someone should tell Nyheim that Nebraska already has that market cornered:

This made me chuckle too

It’s good to know the Colts team takes the Angry Runs Scepter as seriously as the rest of us do.

Two weeks in a row Bubba tells us what’s going to happen

If this guy does it again next week, it will officially be weird.

Grove can cook

But seriously, how can I get some of Grove’s wings?

The plane is going to be heavy

Frank’s speeches don’t always hit the way other coaches might, but he dials up third down plays like few other coaches can. I think it all evens out.

If you didn’t feel anything during this scene you’re probably dead

Just Frank Reich, Bruce Smith, Steve Tasker and Rusty Jones sitting around talking about old times and how the friendships they formed are what fueled the Bills run of dominance while they were in Buffalo.

Rusty Jones believes that this Colts team has started to turn that corner, that the guys on the field are playing for each other.

These guys truly believe this Colts team might be special.

As with every clip involving Marshawn Lynch the language here is a little harsh, just so you know to turn it up so grandma can hear as I’m sure you’re reading this on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner

This was a pretty cool moment captured by HBO.

I really like Bubba

Bubba Ventrone just wanted to make sure that Reich knew, that he knew that the Bills kick returner was going to put one on the ground.

For a guy that seems to hate attention so much, he sure isn’t doing a good job avoiding it

The owner, the future owners and the best running back in Indianapolis Colts history are all big fans of Jonathan Taylor.

What a moment

Nothing like a blowout victory against a top ranked team.

It’s just so good

I would pay for this content every season if the Colts made it happen.

The scenes they show during the credits are awesome

Every old guy I’ve ever been around has said something almost identical to this at some point. Brian Baker is awesome.

This series is only two episodes in and it might be my favorite show of all time. It’s really cool to see the Indianapolis Colts with this much access behind the scenes. If you are on the fence about signing up for HBO Max to watch the episodes in their entirety, I recommend you do it. HBO isn’t paying me to say that, I just really think the service is worth it. If HBO wants to pay me, someone please let me know, I can be bought. As it stands I’m just really loving this show.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the day however you do it!