The Hopeful Path To The Superbowl

As with any set of predictions. It means nothing. We could lose out for all I know. However, I was setting my fantasy lineup, and noticed my opponents A.J. Brown plays @NE this week. That’s a game I think Tenn will lose. Which then led me down the rabbit hole of looking at their schedule the rest of the way. To be honest. it’s easier than I hoped to find. With it being near impossible to fully gather where our WC chances sit. I remembered this season predictor website I messed with a few years back, and thought I’d just give it a spin for the rest of 2021. I went through it one time, didn’t linger too long on any decision, just went with my gut, and payed no attention to what helps us.

It would be far too cumbersome to share each and every game picked. So we will fast forward to the meat and potatoes of what I wanted to share. Before I get to my eventual results, here’s a couple of things I thought were interesting. I had us 11-6 (L Vs Ari) which ended up making us the 5 seed (out of 7). I will get to what that meant here in a second. Although to see the difference once I was finished. I went back and changed us losing to TB. We ended as the 7 seed facing Tennessee. If we won that, we’d face KC. I then went back and had us lose to NE too, thinking I’d see us on the outside looking in. Nope, still the 7 seed at 9-8. Except we drew NE in the WC, and if we won again would get KC. Just wanted to share that as although my league wide predictions are still useless, they ended up making me feel better that we can slip a small amount, and still make the dance.

As for what I got without trying at all. A damn near storybook end to a crazy season. Like I said I had us 11-6 dropping 1 more game to Arizona. Which led to this.

WC weekend-
#5 Indianapolis @ #4 Buffalo.
#6 New England @ #3 Baltimore
#7 L.A. Chargers @ #2 Tennessee
#1 KC - Bye

#5 L.A. Rams @ #4 Dallas
#6 San Francisco @ #3 Tampa Bay
#7 Minnesota @ #2 Green Bay
#1 Arizona- Bye

A matchup with Buffalo on the road may not sound like an upgrade when compared to TENN or NE. However, we just showed, that we currently matchup with Buffalo in the weather quite well. It would be very satisfying to beat them again, yet this time with the season on the line. They also just lost Tredavious White for the year. My picks in bold led to this.

Divisional Round-
#7 L.A. Chargers @ #1 KC Chiefs
#5 Indianapolis @ #3 Baltimore

#5 L.A. Rams @ #1 Arizona
#3 Tampa Bay @ #2 Green Bay

If eliminating Buffalo excites you. I imagine the idea of getting our game back Vs Baltimore is down right mouth watering. Where I might be showing bias in thinking we only lose 1 game the rest of the way to get this 5 seed. I don’t think having us over Buffalo and Baltimore is that wild. If we counted the quarters with our best CBs playing, and assume we don’t miss 3 ST kicks. We dominated both collectively. While we are here I will say. I guess I liked KCs schedule the rest of 2021. I’ve seen some of their struggles, so I am aware. Although I still think they are our most terrifying matchup.

Conference Championships-

#5 Indianapolis @ #1 KC Chiefs
#5 L.A. Rams @ #2 Green Bay

Ok, I agree. We may be back to bias land since I just picked us to go to the Super Bowl. I also just said I thought KC was our worst matchup. Still want to preface all this by saying this scenario has a ton of ifs involved, and if you asked me yesterday if I thought we’d make the SB, I’d have said no. I’m still not saying it’s most likely either. I just did this silly predictor tool, and ended up with some crazy circumstances. Imagine a Colts team coming off beating 2 big time teams, with all the confidence in the world. Drawing a Chiefs team that probably barely got past the #7 seed LA Chargers. To the ifs. If we can apply what we did to Lamar 1st half, and what we did to J Allen, into containing Mahomes. If we have our top CBs all healthy. If our 3 key players on O stay healthy, and the OL along with them. I could definitely see us beating this KC team. Toss in a key Kwitty Paye sack to end a close game, and we are knee deep on a storybook ending to this season already.

Super Bowl Sunday-

Indianapolis Colts @ L.A. Rams

I couldn’t even make a pick. I felt dirty having us here anyways. The odds would be stacked against us on many levels. The Rams have a more mature roster than us. While most anyone would take our roster long term. The same anyone would likely want the Rams for the next 2 years probably. This would also be a home game in their stadium. Then on our side you have a team that lost to this Rams team by a FG, and seems to be improving. I also personally think Robert Woods was a huge loss. OBJ has a big name, but come crunch time Woods has been that other guy for them, that often makes catches through traffic. OBJ isn’t coming over the middle Vs us, and I’m not sure Van Jefferson is a game changer yet either. So to me it’s really simple. If we can stop the run playing 2 high. We’d win this game. If not, Kupp and OBJ will eat us up on the edges. Either way another shot at the Rams would truly cap off a crazy set of matchups, that at the least would present the opportunity for the 2021 Colts to completely rewrite their story.

What do you guys think? Too much Wild Turkey at Thanksgiving, or is this possible? At least I know what I am asking Santa for now.

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