Observations vs Bucs

1 This one hurt. Sure, the Bucs have better personnel especially on defense. Right before the Barrett strip sack you could see they were anticipating the pass. Why did they go away from Taylor with a 24-14 lead, or at least try jet sweep to Pascal

2 Just like vs the Ravens the Colts led 24-14 and left the middle open. Brady shredded them with Gronk/Brate and found the weakness the Colts have with both starting safeties out. Carrie looked good at safety last year, why not rotate him back their or try Addae vs Fortnette and the TEs

3. Rogers continues to play impressive football

4 Wentz played winning football, this team could win the Super Bowl this year if they made the playoffs and found answers in the secondary, especially at safety

5 Colts have to find a way to cover TE's, unlikely with the personnel they currently have

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