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Colts News: Why did the Colts not give Jonathan Taylor the ball more?

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Why Did The Colts Not Give Jonathan Taylor The Ball More? | 93.5 & 107.5 The Fan
Why Did The Colts Not Give Jonathan Taylor The Ball More?

Colts turn it over five times, fall to Brady, Bucs | Sports |
Tom Brady ripped out the Indianapolis Colts’ hearts again. But this time the 44-year-old quarterback had plenty of help.

Colts insisted on helping Bucs; five times!
There’s every reason to believe Tom Brady would have found a way. He’s that good. Even at 44.

5 Things Learned: Colts Blow Another Double-Digit Lead In Loss To Bucs | 93.5 & 107.5 The Fan
5 Things Learned: Colts Blow Another Double-Digit Lead In Loss To Bucs

Colts Exit 'Frustrating' Loss To Buccaneers Knowing What's Next In AFC Playoff Race
The Colts committed five turnovers and were flagged for six penalties, yet only lost by seven to the defending Super Bowl champions on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Colts Notebook: Playoffs remain in reach if mistakes can be erased | Sports |
INDIANAPOLIS – DeForest Buckner was calm following another gut-wrenching loss Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Robert Mathis finally inducted to Colts Ring of Honor | Fox 59
'I am Indy, Indy is me'


Holder: Don’t overcomplicate it — the Colts beat themselves against Buccaneers – The Athletic
The Monday-morning quarterbacking of the Colts' loss to the defending Super Bowl champions shouldn’t take very long at all.

Kravitz: Indy relives all too familiar tale of Tom Brady crushing the Colts' souls – The Athletic
The future Hall of Famer didn't dominate Sunday but added to his long history of making the Colts and city miserable.

Colts' pass-heavy 'cat-and-mouse game' wasn't what doomed them vs. Buccaneers – The Athletic
It may have seemed unwise not to feed Jonathan Taylor, but the approach was working until turnovers became a problem.

Colts had Tom Brady, Bucs beat, but forgot they had Jonathan Taylor
Colts had Tampa Bay beaten, and DeflateGate mastermind Tom Brady was about to lose in Indianapolis, UNTIL THEY PASSED IT 26 TIMES IN A ROW TO BLOW IT.

Colts vs. Bucs: Holes in roster cost Indy deeply in loss to Tampa Bay
Places where the Colts took chances this offseason and haven't found answers -- LT, WR, DL and S -- played critical roles in Bucs' comeback.

Colts vs. Bucs: 26 consecutive pass plays doom Indianapolis
The Colts handed the ball back to Jonathan Taylor in the fourth quarter to tie the score but Tom Brady led Bucs on game-winning drive

Colts vs. Bucs: 10 thoughts on a heartbreaking loss to the Buccaneers
The Colts lost a heartbreaker to the Buccaneers. Here are 10 quick thoughts on how it unfolded.

Colts vs. Bucs: A defense built on turnovers met its kryptonite in Tom Brady
The same plan the Colts used to bury Josh Allen and the Bills couldn't work against the Buccaneers. It's a style hurdle they must overcome.