Cover 2 has got to go

Sure we can talk about Frank's play calling or Wentz's turnovers but no game is perfect and early on the running game was not working and Wentz was in a groove. While we may never know how the offense is going to play there is one thing we can be sure of. Our lousy defence scheme will almost always fail against good teams/quarterbacks. Our personnel is not great but good enough; its the scheme that drives me nuts. The Cover 2 became a good defensive scheme during a different time in the NFL. But not for today's game

  • Tight ends were primarily blockers and not large WRs who can beat most LBs like today
  • Tackles were not brought up from a young age to focus on pass protect
  • Sure the "soft zones" were still there but a receiver had to think about strong safeties like Bob Sander or Troy P from Pitts coming down and knocking you into next week. Now you cannot breath heavily on them
  • I'm just not sure how many teams today get constant pressure with 4 D-linemen?
  • Quarterbacks are wise to the scheme and as accurate and patient as ever
Now you can say we stopped TP on the early possessions and we did do a good job against the run. However Brady and his receivers started the game cold with more miscues than coverage stops. Once they get together it was a simple pitch and catch session

No team is ever out of it against our defence. There was only one short field after our 2nd half turnovers and we can't at least try to cover Gronk!!!

If I could make just one trade for the Colts it a new Def Coordinator

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