Observations vs Jets

1. Best performance by the O line of the season Maybe fortells the future against some D-line talent

2. Patman looks like a keeper, especially on slants, and is a willing blocker

3. It may be time to look at new secondary starters: Rogers over Rhoades (at least Rogers still has wheels) Maybe Rogers in the slot with Kenny Moore moving wide. Ya-Sin is average or below. Sendeyo is too concerned about getting beat deep, maybe Jones/Addae or even bring Wilcox up. He was strong at BYU. Secondary is Colts glaring weakness

4.Crisp play calling, huge game by Wentz who did not hang his head after Tenn disaster. I would work in Mack, Jackson does not look ready on blitz pickup

5. Loved the plays to Allie-Cox and Granson. Need to use Granson like Trey Burton

6. Paye continues solid play just limited stats. Stallworth showed some flashes as did Turay.

7. Great game by Okereke, best he has looked.

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