Observations vs Patriots

1 Best game I have seen Sendeyo play, by far, for the Colts. Hopefully he is not seriously injured

2 Do not usually pay attention to the drama but whatever Judon said to Wentz seemed to shake him up especially on pass plays Wentz had a poor stats game but made several key quarterback sneaks and showed some toughness even when rattled

3 Patriots could have found another Brady with Jones. Colts made him look like a rookie the first half but the 2nd he had some terrific moments He won't be as good as Brady but looks like a franchise quarterback in the making

4 The Taylor 67 yard td was as clutch a play as I have seen for awhile The Colts offense was reeling a bit and he had to cut across the grain. What a great play

5 On the pick Wentz had a man open deep I recall only 1 deep throw, the miss to Pittman

6 The Patriots hit on a lot of free agents Not sure if they are on 1 year deals but they the overhaul of this team through free agency was impressive

7 The Colts needed Turay to step up, I am not sure he made a play Kwitty Paye is a force along with Buckner but Turay needs to show some pop in the next couple of games

8 Not sure why Pittman was tossed,

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