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Monday Morning Awards: Week 15 Colts vs. Patriots

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

MVP of the Game: Jonathan Taylor/Darius Leonard

Talk about an MVP statement game from JT, who went up against one of the most talented and better coached defenses in the NFL, and put up 170 yards and a touchdown. Honestly I don’t know what is more impressive, his abiity to break off for a 40+ yard run almost every game, or how he turns those 2 yard gains into 8+ yards. Leonard had his best game of the season at the most important time. 10 tackles, an interception, and a forced fumble. The Maniac looks like he is finally at 100% and the defense is much better because of that.

Dud of the Game (The Grigsy): Carson Wentz

While the win helps mask a lot of things, the Colts have to be at least a bit worried about Carson Wentz’ play on Saturday. He seemed to be always a second too late, and his stupid interception forcing the ball into triple coverage on third down shifted all the momentum back to the Patriots.

Best Play of the Game: JT’s 67-yard run to seal the game

Nothing better than your best player showing up at the most important moment of the season, as JT broke off the dagger to seal a game that was starting to get complicated.

Worst Play of the Game: Carson Wentz’ interception

Ugh, once again, a terrible mistake by Carson Wentz forcing the ball on first down. That is the part that bothers me the most. Same thing happened against the Titans in overtime. Not all interceptions are equal. If he throws a pick on 3rd and long, then so be it, I can live with it, but interceptions on first down or during key moments of the game are just inexcusable.

Best Position Group: Cornerbacks

Mac Jones threw the ball 27 times to his receivers, completing just 15 of them for 174 yards and no touchdowns, and this was because of excellent secondary play by all cornerbacks. Xavier Rhodes, Rock Ya-Sin, Isaiah Rodgers, and Kenny Moore were all excellent on Saturday as the cornerbacks earn the top position group.

Unsung Hero: Danny Pinter

Filling in for Ryan Kelly, who was absent because of family issues, Danny Pinter had himself an amazing game against a tough front 7, and proved that he is a very valuable rotational piece for the offensive line.

Rookie of the Week: Kwity Paye

2 hurries and a quarterback hit mean that Paye gets the award, as Granson and Odeyingbo failed to make an impact on the game.