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Following his family’s tragic loss, the Colts are giving Ryan Kelly ‘all the time he needs’

The Colts are rightfully giving starting center Ryan Kelly the time and space he needs away from the game—after he and his wife Emma’s tragic loss.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

According to head coach Frank Reich, the Indianapolis Colts have told All-Pro center Ryan Kelly to take ‘all of the time he needs’ as he and his wife Emma grieve and mourn through a personal family tragedy regarding the sudden loss of their infant daughter, Mary Kate:

Reich has remained in contact with Kelly, but said the standout center’s return could be ‘tomorrow, or could be next week’ and has tried to remain respectful of personal space and time—as the Kelly family’s continued well being and perseverance from such a tragic loss clearly take precedent over the game of football right now:

Kelly missed last Saturday evening’s primetime matchup against the New England Patriots because of ‘personal reasons’, which he publicly confirmed the widely prior circulated reason for on Monday through social media.

Honestly, I debated on whether even writing this piece at all, wanting to respect the privacy and personal space of the Kelly family during this very difficult time. However, since he has since gone public regarding his family’s tragic loss, it seems like it’s now safely appropriate.

We at Stampede Blue, along with all Colts fans, wish the Kelly Family our utmost support, sympathy, and condolences regarding their family’s significant loss.

Words here don’t really do much justice, but we’re definitely thinking of the Kelly Family during this holiday season and incredibly challenging time.