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Immortalize Darius Leonard’s brutal stiff-arm vs Patriots with a nasty shirt design

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For Colts fans, there is no question that Darius Leonard is “the Maniac.” Something else Colts fans know well is that when Leonard recovers a turnover, something he does far more often than most, just about anything could happen.

One thing he’s made a habit of doing is making the first player he sees pay with a nasty stiff arm as he makes his move toward the end zone. Jonathan Taylor’s game-winning run will steal the show and the headlines but equally as iconic in the Colts win was Darius Leonard picking off Mac Jones and brutally stiff-arming Patriots receiver Jakobi Meyers

Let’s keep the momentum going as a fan base and continue to represent the Colts and their biggest players this latest design from our partners at BreakingT.

Order yours today and remember, a portion of all orders go to support the Stampede Blue writing team. Merry Christmas everyone!