Observations vs Cardinals

1 Since preseason I have been awaiting the Dezman Patmon I saw emerge as a contributor. It took a Marino imitation by

Wentz to record Patmon's 2nd catch. A thing of beauty. Hope it is the first of many down the road for Patmon.

2. Chandler Jones could have wrecked this game as he destroyed Fisher then Davenport. Fortunately the Colts started chipping him, which a fake chip resulted in the huge catch/run by Allie Cox. Davenport looked like he got away with a slight hold on the final drive pass to Pittman but was solid on the pass to Hilton. He may have been overmatched but he competed and made some good plays.

3. The Cardinals had 10 tackles for loss but the Colts still won the game. An amazing stat

4. The blindside hit on Wentz by Jones not only resulted in a personal found but shook up Carson for almost an entire quarter, until the last TD drive.

5. As Odum showed against Tampa he is going to get paid as a free agent someplace. He will be a starter somewhere

6, Great game by EJ Speed, solid all around

7. If Doyle is indeed lost this will hurt as he is having his best blocking season. He may have lost a step as a receiver but has been dynamite

8 I wonder which of the players out were asymptomatic

9 Players I noticed making key plays without the benefits of stats include Paye, Dayo, and Jaleel Addae at safety

10 This team could win it all

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