Not much good can happen this week.

Of course, the obvious winning of a conference game helps the cause.

But, what can the Colts build upon with a win over these Texans? Our division record can get to 3 - 2, but do you think the Titans can lose two games to a team in our division, that isn't us? We have already established that we can whip up on the bottom feeders, so taking down a team that is 2 - 9 and has been outscored by 128 points really doesn't move the needle, no matter what we do.

Do we all of the sudden think we have solved the pass rush problems if we get 6 or 7 of them this week? Do we think we have solidified the #2 receiver position if Pascal has 6 catches for 125 yards? Does Frank get credit for calling a full great game if we dominate the first half and control the ball in the 2nd? Has Wentz "emerged" if he throws for 300 and 4 TDs? I think the answer is no to all of these.

The best thing that can happen is that no one limps of the field or has to go to the tent. Maybe Willis plays enough snaps that we are able to go full-bore with him after the break. It would be awesome if Nelson, Leonard, and Buckner got to wear baseball caps for all or most of the 2nd half.

We need this to be nearly like a week off, without falling for the banana in the tailpipe and choking a potential playoff spot away. I'd make Mack active, with the hopes he could mop up. I'd play Stachan. (Would have been a nice option to throw to on the last play last week... Just sayin) and I'd get Speed a bunch of Leonard's reps. Wouldn't hurt to get Dayo in a bunch either.

What do you consider a success on Monday morning?

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