Kudos to the many who saw this coming

Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

I just wanted to toss a quick shout out to the many of you who looked at the season from the beginning and had a good idea that we would be in this position at this time. A lot of posters here said that the early schedule and lack of continuity for Wentz with the new guys would put us on the bubble for a playoff appearance. Also the Titans adding Jones, had us thinking that ousting them would be an uphill battle.

What I am not sure what a large group assessed at the time, is just how good we might be at this time? It was kind of easy to see that our record might get us there, but a deep playoff run, wasn't always predicted. It is not a dig, I think we all figured it was a KC and Bills world and that beating either of them might be another year away. We would have thought that Baltimore and the aforementioned Titans would be huge hurdles.

I think that only the truly optimistic would have predicted that we would be so dangerous at this time? I see power rankings and betting odds that consider us behind only the Chiefs in the AFC. If not for an inability to hold a lead, we'd be on at minimum, even terms with anyone in the league.

For my money, our most impressive wins of the year (outside of the Pats), have come on the road at San Fran, Buffalo, and even Arizona. While I view the Cards as a shell of themselves, we showed something that we haven't seen from the Colts, maybe forever. I'm talking about having the depth to not freak out, when the announcer says "There is an injured Colt down on the field". In the past, we have had some guys that if they went down, we could pretty well say "That's it, we can't win without them." I'm in no hurry to see Ehlinger in an important situation, but at this point, I think I'd still have optimism that we would get good play if he had to see action.

So, I'm ready for this ride. It may not go as far as I hope, but this is the best TEAM we've had in pretty good while. Step 1, protect the home turf and take care of business against the Raiders.

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