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Colts fan confidence remains high as playoff picture comes into focus

Syndication: Arizona Republic Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

What the Indianapolis Colts have accomplished since they started the season with three losses is pretty impressive. They’re one of the hottest teams in the NFL and have put the league on notice that should they reach the playoffs, they’ll be a huge hurdle to overcome.

While very little value comes from playing the what-if game, this is a team that had the defending Super Bowl Champions, current AFC South leader, and a super hot Baltimore Ravens team on the ropes on the road. If they were able to close out these games, including an early one against the Rams (one of the most dangerous teams in the NFC), Indianapolis could be standing alone atop the AFC.

Alas, the Colts are still one win away from making the playoffs. They’re still arguably not out of the AFC South race, though it seems highly unlikely they’ll win the next two games while the Titans lose their final games. If they make the playoffs, all bets are off. Fans appear to agree.

The top team in the AFC at this time is the Kansas City Chiefs. Entering the season, this wouldn’t have been a surprise. Given some of the struggles the Chiefs have had this year, with Patrick Mahomes looking more human (Iron Man?) from time-to-time, it wasn’t a guarantee that they would find themselves here at this point in the season.

Nonetheless, Chiefs fans were asked which AFC team scares them most in the playoffs and no team was scarier than the Colts.

With the playoffs approaching, big-time performances carry more weight. Also, major letdowns for teams or players find themselves in the spotlight. Last week, there were some major performances and some embarrassing moments but of those, NFL fans agreed that Joe Burrow’s incredible game was the most ridiculous thing to happen.

As each conference race heats up, fans have also determined which teams on the bubble would be the most entertaining to watch in the playoffs. For the AFC, fans chose the Los Angeles Chargers, feature Justin Herbert in his second year. For the NFC, fans chose the Minnesota Vikings, which second-year receiver Justin Jefferson and hopefully a healthy Dalvin Cook.

Finally, as the season draws near its end, fans are looking around the NFL to locate which division is the best. The clear winner was the NFC West and its’ hard to argue. It’s the only division with two current 10-win teams. The Rams and Cardinals are absolutely front-runners to challenge the Green Bay Packers from the NFC Championship. If that wasn’t enough, the San Francisco 49ers are 8-7 and well-rounded enough to challenge anyone. When the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson are the worst teams in your division, you’ve got a pretty good group.

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