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Week 13 Highlights- Colts vs. Texans

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images


Things started well and they ended well for our Indianapolis Colts. A 31-0 dismantling of any NFL team is always a good sign. Today the Colts did what good teams are supposed to do: dominate bad teams. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest plays of the day.

First Quarter

Kenny Moore had a great first half

This happened on the first play of the game. Kenny Moore is a special player.

Nyheim Hines had a few nice plays, himself

Hines ran three times for 24 yards and he caught three passes for 32 yards. Any guy that averages 11 yards per touch, is a good guy to have around.

Frank Reich didn’t care if everyone knew Jonathan Taylor was running this one

Taylor took the snap and got in for six.

Kenny giving us more

Kenny Moore knocked this one loose and the Colts defense had another turnover.

Taylor is so good at football

Not a lot of guys out there that can do these kinds of things.

Second Quarter

Ashton Dulin playing really good football

This wasn’t the only great play Dulin made on the day.

The Colts defense came away from this one with four sacks

No one should believe the Colts pass rush problems have been solved, this Texans offensive line is not good right now, especially at tackle.

I haven’t been as entertained by a two yard run since Edge was in town

The Indy offense gave Taylor a massive workload in the first half.

One of his longest of the day

In the first half Jonathan Taylor had 19 carries for 67 yards, good for 3.53 yards per carry. Frank Reich called the game many Colts fans asked for last week and the results were less than great early on.

Dulin’s other big play

Ashton Dulin has come on recently as a receiver, even though he only had one catch for two yards, it was a really impressive catch.

Another sack

The Colts defense only allowed 48 yards in the first half, the Colts had a bad first half on offense and still took a 14 point lead into the break.

Third Quarter

The Texans rush defense loosened up in the second half

Michael Pittman Jr had the quietest 110 total yard game I can remember

MPJ had six catches and two rushes for 110 total yards on the day. The Colts young WR1 is having a great season.

Carson Wentz had a good day, too

Wentz’s numbers, 16 for 22 for 158 yards and a touchdown don’t look amazing in the box score but he did everything his team needed him to do and made a couple of eye popping throws, including this one to Nyheim Hines.

Taylor is just on a different level than everyone else

This just looks so easy.

Someone check on Nyheim

I don’t post that many highlights from Colts opponents but this one was wild.

Wentz again

Wentz fit this ball in and MPJ went up and got it. A great play all around.

Fourth Quarter

Right on cue

MPJ once again.

Kemoko Turay has a last name that I struggle to spell

And this was his first sack of the day.

Kylen Granson is earning more opportunity with plays like this one

Granson blocked two different Texans defenders and got in the way of a third. Rookie tight ends almost never produce at a high level but seeing his development this season should give Colts coaches and fans high hopes for what he can do next season.

The Colts 2’s and 3’s saw the field plenty

Rookie Deon Jackson got in for six which was the first touchdown of his young career. The third team back ran hard and showed a lot in the fourth quarter.

At least I spelled his name right, this time

Kemoko Turay pulled down his second sack.

A great win for the Indianapolis Colts

The Colts played well and head into their bye with a great performance.

Final Thoughts For The Week

The rest of the Colts schedule is going to be a challenge. Their next three games are against the New England Patriots, the Arizona Cardinals and the Las Vegas Raiders. All three games are going to be tough to win for this Colts team.

Either way, Hard Knocks should be a lot of fun to watch this week.

Go Colts