Observations vs Texans

1 I could not believe my eyes with the secondary. Willis coming back made a difference and Kenny Moore continues to be dynamic but they looked special. Was it Taylor/Mills and the Texans wideouts or simply raising their level of play? Time will tell but wow the Texans had nothing going and I have never seen Taylor look so befuddled

2 Stats may not show it but this might be Jack Doyle's best year I don't know if a better blocking TE is currently in the league

3 Thought the Colts went with Taylor a series or two too long, risked a lot

4 Turay showed some good speed and lane discipline He has had a disappointing year but looked as quick as he did before the injury today, maybe he is just coming around back to pre injury form (or maybe it was Howard and the Texans line)

5 Pinter showed fresh legs and hustle Very solid game

6 Bad time for Badgley to come unglued, maybe just mechanics that can be adjusted but some likely tight matchups coming down the stretch

7 Texans played some tough defense for a unit without the usual big names They have a defensive foundation to build on

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