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The Q Stands for ‘Quick’: Colts All-Pro OG Quenton Nelson ran ‘really fast’ on Sunday

Let’s face it folks, the big man can move.

NFL: DEC 05 Colts at Texans Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s worth mentioning that during the Indianapolis Colts’ 31-0 demolition of the Houston Texans on Sunday that Colts 3x First-Team All-Pro offensive guard Quenton Nelson reached ‘top speed’.

In fact, you may not have even seen it if you blinked, because Big Q was a ‘blur’, racing down the field, looking to pancake any Texans defender standing in his path primed fresh for pavement:

On 1st and 10 on the Texans’ 30-yard line with 12:06 in the 4th quarter, the Colts ran an end-around to wideout Michael Pittman Jr. for 25 rushing yards—where Nelson surged out in front sprinting full speed as his lead cavalry ahead.

Texans defensive back, Justin Reid, made a prudent business decision and backed away in space instead of taking Nelson’s runaway freight train head on—which could’ve otherwise spelled disaster for him (being blown up, well off-track).

I don’t know what was most impressive, that the mammoth sized Nelson can run that well at a listed 6’5”, 330 pounds, or that he did so on a previously injured ankle (as Nelson had been limited by the lingering injury for weeks).

While Big Q may not be racing the likes of Jonathan Taylor, Parris Campbell, or Isaiah Rodgers at Colts team practice any time soon for fastest forty time bragging rights, perhaps we’ve been wrong all along...

And that the Q doesn’t actually stand for Quenton, it stands for ‘quick’.