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Get your last-minute holiday shopping done by ordering your MVJT t-shirt for a Colts fan

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Colts' second-year running back Jonathan Taylor is having an incredible season. He is breaking franchise records, setting all-time NFL marks, or matching Hall of Famers who came before him and is in serious consideration for the 2021 NFL MVP award. It’s super rare for the MVP award to go to a non-quarterback but none of the eligible pass throwers this year have really lived up to their billing.

Josh Allen was anticipated to take the next step as clearly the best QB in the league and hasn’t done so. Kyler Murray was a front-runner earlier this season but has missed games to injury and trailed off a bit. Lamar Jackson was also an MVP front-runner but has been unable to keep up his pace.

Suffice to say, there is a very legitimate case to be made that no player has had a greater impact on his team’s success than Jonathan Taylor in 2021. If he manages to lead the team to the playoffs after an 0-3 start and finished as the league leader in rushing, all-purpose yards, and touchdowns, voters will take notice.

Colts fans have a chance to make their voice heard in a variety of ways and to memorialize a historic season with the MVPJT t-shirt created in partnership with the NFLPA by BreakingT.

Order yours today and remember, a portion of all orders go to support the Stampede Blue writing team. Merry Christmas everyone!