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Adam Schefter’s Update on Trade Talks: ‘Everyone is Waiting on Carson Wentz to Be the Next Domino’

Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Philadelphia’s 97.5 The Fanatic’s ‘The John Kincade Show’, the ongoing (and seemingly never-ending) league trade talks regarding Philadelphia Eagles former franchise quarterback Carson Wentz between his current team and other interested NFL trade suitors currently remain at a standstill:

“Well, I don’t think the facts on the story have changed at all,” Schefter said on the show Wednesday morning. “It’s the same story. It’s gone on-and-on, the only difference in my mind is that the Eagles are being very deliberate in their attempts before they trade him.”

“That’s the only thing that’s slowed this down. Okay, I thought it would’ve been done by the end of last week. It wasn’t. It wasn’t in part because they’re being very deliberate and very slow, and taking the calls, sifting through the offers, making the decision, and finally just doing it. But nothing’s changed.”

“Carson Wentz is still expected to be traded. He still wants to leave Philadelphia. The Eagles and he are going to move on from each other. I believe. And so, it’s the same situation.”

“Now, I would’ve thought coming on today, Wednesday, February 17th, we would’ve had a resolution by now. That’s the one thing I would’ve thought would’ve happened.”

“I still think we’re going to get a resolution, and I still think it’s going to be the result that we talked about on this show for the last three weeks and really dating back into the season when we talked about the fact that there were questions about the head coach’s future and the quarterback’s future.”

“. . . Well, I mean I think the Eagles are continuing to hope that there will be an offer that comes in, an offer that’s increased. Something that kind of materializes out of nowhere because you just don’t know when there’s so many teams in the quarterback market—if and when all of the sudden, some team will jump in and be like, ‘Whoah, you know what, we decided that this is a guy we have to have’ or ‘This is a guy we’re going to make a bid on’ or ‘I know we offered you this, so now, we’re going to make it that.’ Whatever it may be, any combination of factors. It’s a big decision, and I think they want to make sure they get it right. But the decision’s the decision, and in my mind, the decision is made.”

When asked whether the New York Jets’ Sam Darnold being moved could be a precursor to a Wentz trade finally occurring, Schefter indicated actually the opposite—as the Philly quarterback should be ‘the next domino to fall’—following ex-Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford in-line as a big-named passer traded:

“I think it’s just the opposite, everyone is waiting on Carson Wentz to be the next domino, and from there, there will be some other moves,” Schefter responded.

Now, Wentz to the Colts has already been analyzed ad nauseam—as trade talks remain in a holding pattern between Philadelphia and Indianapolis because general manager Chris Ballard won’t reportedly significantly increase his trade offer for the quarterback—while the Eagles continue to hold out hope for potentially more.

There’s also the report that Wentz prefers Indianapolis over the Chicago Bears—who potentially have the best offer out there, further complicating matters.

That being said, Wentz’s trade status may be tying up the initial offseason trade period—regarding other NFL teams’ moves (particularly at starting quarterback) before those teams will begin entering free agency and the NFL Draft periods respectively regardless.

(It could also mean other options may immediately present themselves to Indianapolis such as Darnold—if Wentz isn’t ultimately traded to the Colts.).

While it makes for a grueling ‘waiting game’ regarding Wentz potentially coming to Indianapolis, things should hopefully reach a resolution for Colts’ fans soon—one way or the other.

Wentz or not.