Moving forward

So we got a QB, none of us know if he is going to be any good or not. If he's good, we gave up a 3rd and 1st, if he ends up sucking, we gave up a 3rd and 2nd. (I have no doubt that if Wentz is not performing well next year, Ballard will pull the plug on him and keep his 1st round pick.) So, it's a roll of the dice, and Reich is on the hook, but if we crap out we didn't really give up that much.

So what now?

1. Don't sign another QB, let Eason be the backup.

2. Draft a LT in the 1st round, or trade back and draft one early in the 2nd.

3. Address TE and WR in draft or free agency, preferably both. Draft one and pay for the other. Just spitballing, I would pay for either Allen Robinson or Hunter Henry, and draft whichever position you don't sign, in the 2nd or 3rd round.

4. We need 2 DE's that can both stop the run, and rush the passer. JJ Watt can do both. Barring that, however, resign Autry, hope Tyquan Lewis takes the next step(he had 5.5 sacks last year), and Turay stays healthy as a pass rusher and Banagu can get off the damn bench.

5. I doubt we will pay the price for Xavier Rhodes. Ballard seems to view cornerbacks as cannon fodder. He's never going to pay big for them. Hopefully Rock Ya-Sin can rebound...mid to late round pick to address the position.

That's my armchair general manager rant.

I now humbly acknowledge that Andrew Luck is never coming back and I sincerely apologize to all the more level headed fans that accepted this fact long ago.

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