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Afternoon Pancakes Episode 22

Carson Wentz is an Indianapolis Colt!?

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Hey Colts fans! First things first, please rate this podcast five stars wherever you find it! This will help us be more visible to new listeners and help us grow! You can follow the podcast on for the link to the latest episode in a media player on this site like this here link. You can follow Jared (@likelyalien) and Stephen (@nicereedsteve) and can do that to get to know your hosts better. The Colts went and got themselves a quarterback. Jared is a self-proclaimed “seller of hope” and Stephen takes a more measured and reasonable approach. Here’s an hour of us waxing philosophically about the move. We talk about what happened in Philadelphia. We talk about Wentz at length, comparing and contrasting him with past Colts quarterback and even talk about where Jacoby could end up! We love and appreciate our fans. Thank you for hearing us out. Have a great weekend! Go Colts!