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Colts Reportedly Requesting Extra Players, Picks to Meet Eagles’ High Asking Price for QB Carson Wentz

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

According to’s Mike Kaye, the Indianapolis Colts have requested additional compensation—including extra player(s) or draft picks, to meet the Philadelphia Eagles’ current high asking price in trade negotiations for recently made available former franchise quarterback Carson Wentz:

“The Indianapolis Colts have asked for additional compensation — a player, players or picks — along with Wentz in order to get close to the Eagles’ demands, according to a third person with knowledge of negotiations, who also was granted anonymity,” writes Kaye. “That person said another undisclosed Eagles player has been brought up in discussions.”

A logically included player could be Eagles’ former All-Pro tight end Zach Ertz, as the 30 year old veteran has familiarity with Colts head coach Frank Reich already—and is likely headed out of Philadelphia regardless due a $12.5M cap hit in 2021.

Ertz had 36 receptions for 335 receiving yards (9.3 ypr. avg.) and a touchdown reception during 11 starts this past season—as he missed significant time due to a high ankle sprain.

However, having battled some injuries and entering his 9th NFL season, it’s not as though Ertz should drastically push the trade needle—if the Colts are otherwise surrendering major value elsewhere. (Both Ertz and the Colts would likely want to re-work a new deal too).

Rumor has it that the Eagles continue to insist on two first round picks—in a ‘Matthew Stafford-like trade package’, but it sounds like Philadelphia might have to offer extra players or draft compensation to otherwise close the gap—to the point, where the Colts and general manager Chris Ballard are willing to actually strike a deal.