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Colts Tweak New QB Carson Wentz’s Roster Bonus to Help Team’s Current Salary Cap Situation

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles - Practice Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

While new starting quarterback Carson Wentz was set to receive a $10 million roster bonus on Friday, it turns out he tweaked that amount to help the Indianapolis Colts cash flow and current salary cap situation:

It’s been speculated that this maneuver should free up $5M of current Colts salary cap space for 2021—pushing the other $5M owed to the 2022 league year:

Whatever the case, it appears that Wentz was flexible and willing to accommodate his new team to help their current cash flow and salary cap situation, while hopefully improving the supporting cast surrounding him in 2021—or at the very least, better locking up some core players for Indianapolis long-term.