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2021 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: David Moore, IOL, Grambling State

Could Moore be a solid depth piece for the Colts’ interior?

Reese’s Senior Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

A fan-favorite series is coming back to the site as it is officially prospect interview season. For anybody new to the site or for people who need a reminder, every draft season I sit down with prospects that are going to be in the upcoming NFL Draft to talk with them about their off-field accomplishments and some film aspects on the field. While I don’t always talk to star players, I have been able to talk to a few players who eventually ended up with the Colts such as Khari Willis, Marvell Tell III, and Rock Ya-Sin.

Our next prospect interview is with Grambling State offensive lineman David Moore. We had a great conversation about his standout performance at the Senior Bowl, the power he plays with on the interior, and why he can be a steal for a team in this draft.


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 350 pounds

Arm Length: 32.58 inches

Class: Senior

Moore is an offensive lineman out of McClellan High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. He quickly earned a reputation as one of the best and most powerful offensive linemen at the FCS level at Grambling State. When it came to the option of whether or not to suit up for Spring football in 2021, he decided to opt-out of the season and declare for the draft. He trained with legendary offensive lineman Bruce Matthews and was ultimately invited to the Senior Bowl where he proved to be one of the best linemen throughout the week.

ZH: You obviously got the invite to the Senior Bowl this offseason but you were invited by Grambling State (and NFL) legend Doug Williams. How cool was that moment for you?

DM: That moment is one that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. Just to have one of the greatest of all time from my school to give the announcement to me was great. It kind of shocked me because my agents called me up to the training facility to talk to a couple of teams via Skype. I got to the laptop and saw the logo and thought, “Okay, Grambling scout.. How you doing?” He started talking to me about the Senior Bowl and I was really confused (laughs). He then invited me to the Senior Bowl and I still didn’t believe him at the time until he pulled out the invitation. My mind just went blank. It was insane, man.

ZH: You were one of two representatives at the Senior Bowl from HBCU schools. What did it mean to you to not only represent Grambling State but also all those HBCU schools?

DM: It was huge for me. To get the invite coming from an HBCU.. They don’t get much recognition when it comes to getting to the next level, especially as an offensive lineman. I was honored. Just to be one of the two and to show that we can play was great. We had a huge spotlight on us to just go out and perform and I wanted to inspire the guys who were trying to get to the next level, like me.

ZH: Admittedly, I didn’t know who you were going into that week. By the end of the week though, I was completely sold on you as a player. You were that great. What did it mean to you to have such a monster week against top players like that?

DM: For me, I always knew I was physically talented. I knew I could compete with these guys and it was just about me getting my confidence back. I was sitting out from Thanksgiving in 2019 and my first time coming back was against the best of the best (laughs). I want to say midway through the first day, I started to get my feet under me a bit. I think I got a pancake on an outside zone play and I just thought, “Yeah, I’m back.” It calmed me down a little bit and I just took it day by day and wanted to improve every rep. I thought I did a good job. I always want to improve but it was a great week overall and I can’t complain.

Mauler on the Field

ZH: I have watched some of your film now and man, you like to bury defenders. How big is it to your game to physically dominate opposing players?

DM: That’s probably the number one thing for an offensive lineman. You always want to impose your will on a defender and let your presence be known. I like to go out and have that mindset... I’m probably the goofiest type of guy off the field but on the field, you are lunch. You dinner. I gotta have my way with you. I have that on and off switch and just turn it on during play and take away my enemy’s soul on the field.

ZH: There is a debate between analytics and football guys when it comes to body blows in the game of football. In your opinion, do body blows mean anything to you?

DM: Oh yes, most definitely. If we are running the ball... let’s say for instance we have Derrick Henry in the backfield. The first three quarters, the defense is tackling him and everything but as the game continues on, that’s a big man! (The defense) starts to get fatigued and that is when he starts to open up and burst out for long touchdowns. It plays a huge role. Just the wear and tear on your body throughout the game— really the whole season— just plays a huge role.

Behemoth of a Man

ZH: Your size is a big (literally) part of your game. It helps you keep that mindset that you have as a dominant player. How are you able to balance being a bigger player while also maintaining quickness and nimble feet?

DM: I think God just gave me a gift. To be my size, and naturally be it (laughs). I weighed in at 350 but when you look at me with pads off, I look like other guys at 310 or 320. Everybody was shocked when I weighed in with how much I weighed (laughs). Of course, I’ve been training and shaving it down but, it is just God-given. God gave me some big ole calf muscles, some turkey leg calf muscles, to go out and explode out of my stance. Imma have to give the credit to God.

Pass Sets

ZH: There are two base kinds of sets when it comes to pass setting in the vertical set or the aggressive angle set. Which style do you prefer to play, personally?

DM: My play style is more of an aggressive, quick setter. Defensive line play has come a long way though, they get paid a lot of money to rush the passer. You have to switch it up and have a lot of tools in your bag. I try to balance it out. I didn’t do much of that at the Senior Bowl— I got away from it a bit and tried to quick set a lot. Towards the end of the week, I tried to work some more moves and be more patient. They gotta go through you at the end of the day though, so I try to be patient and balanced with it.

Quenton Nelson

ZH: This is going up on a Colts’ site so I have to ask you about Quenton Nelson. What do you think of his game?

DM: Quenton Nelson is one of my favorite players in the league! I’ve done a couple interviews where people ask me who in the league that I think I’m similar to, and he’s one of the guys who I bring up when it comes to physicality and just nastiness. That is one of my guys that I try to study and bring elements from his game into my game. I’m huge on Quenton Nelson.

ZH: How cool would it be to be drafted by the Colts and be on an offensive line with him?

DM: That would be nasty, man. That would be nasty right there. It’s funny because Peyton Manning is my favorite player of all time. So, I have been a fan of the Colts for the last 14 years or so. Just watching him and his play, and seeing now how the Colts are still relevant and in the playoffs after him is great. Just a special franchise and I would love to play for the Colts.

NFL Outlook

ZH: What is my team getting when they draft David Moore?

DM: You are getting one of the goofiest, lovable teammates. Also, a ferocious player where you don’t want to be my opponent. I’m always going to have my brothers’ back. I’m going to work hard every single play. Whatever my team needs me to do to win, I will do it to help my brothers win.

Final Thoughts

While interior offensive line may not be a major need for the Colts in this draft, taking Moore on early day three would be an incredible move that would preserve dominance up front. The Colts currently have five starters across the line but Moore could sit for a year, develop technically from Chris Strausser, and become an impact starter in 2022 if the Colts drafted him.

The fit just seems too perfect, especially given his love of the Colts and Quenton Nelson. i totally get if the Colts don’t take him with other needs currently on the roster but Moore looks like a day three player who sticks in this league for a long time.