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T.Y. Hilton: New Colts QB Carson Wentz Has Some ‘Andrew Luck Traits’

Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

According to his new teammate T.Y. Hilton, recently acquired Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz has some ‘Andrew Luck traits’ as a dynamic NFL passer:

Now, expectations should be tempered before labeling ‘Wentz as Luck,’ as those are lofty expectations, and aren’t fair for either him or #12—as Wentz just needs to be his best self.

However, regarding the ability to escape pressure, extend plays outside of the tackles, and improvise when the passing pocket breaks down, there are some definite similarities in overall playing style between the two quarterbacks.

After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Wentz was compared a bit to Luck as a top quarterback prospect, coming out of North Dakota State in 2016.

In particular, Hilton should benefit from Wentz’s much anticipated arrival—assuming the 28 year old can shore up some bad habits mechanically and regain some of his lost mojo back—reunited with Colts head coach Frank Reich.

Hilton has consistently been one of the league’s best proven deep threats.

However, this part of his receiving game has been under-utilized the past two seasons, with Jacoby Brissett being risk adverse throwing downfield in 2019, and Philip Rivers’ diminished arm strength passing deep this past season.

‘The Ghost’ should benefit from Wentz’s ability to improvise, upgraded rifle of an arm, and willingness to take shots downfield—showcasing Hilton’s deep speed, route running, and elusiveness—and ability to work his way back to the football and find soft spots in coverage.

The Colts’ new quarterback-to-wide receiver combination could be pretty productive—with Wentz as a bit of a ‘playground passer’ behind center.