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ESPN’s Louis Riddick: ‘Colts are going to provide the greatest challenge to the Chiefs in the AFC’

NFL: OCT 06 Colts at Chiefs Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

According to ESPN’s Louis Riddick on ‘Get Up’, the Indianapolis Colts are the greatest challenge to the reigning AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs:

Now, first and foremost, the Colts still have some major team needs to shore up this up offseason—especially at left tackle and edge rusher respectively.

Two, the Colts cannot worry about topping the Chiefs until Indianapolis actually wins the division first. (*Insert some old-time saying about the cart being put in front of the horse*).

Third, and arguably most importantly, the Colts need recently acquired quarterback Carson Wentz to regain largely his prior NFL All-Pro form (or essentially close to it)—at least to make any sort of serious noise in the AFC.

However, despite some question marks at this point of the offseason, it sounds like the things that Riddick, who’s a potential NFL GM candidate going forward, likes most is that the Colts are building something special with their overall culture, identity, and personnel.

Talk is cheap this time of year, but these ‘close-knit’ Colts are a well-rounded group with young, ascending talent that may just be a few pieces and/or breaks away from seriously contending in the AFC—and yes, perhaps potentially challenging the Chiefs.

However, there certainly remains a lot of big ‘ifs’, and the Colts still have to go out and prove it—earning everything.