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Carson Wentz on being a member of the Colts: ‘After just two weeks, I feel a little bit at home here’

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Colts QB Carson Wentz spoke to local media Thursday afternoon. One of the first things he mentioned was just how welcoming everyone has been since he arrived just a few months ago.

“Everyone’s been awesome, been super welcoming and embracing, “Wentz said. “After even just two weeks, I feel a little bit at home here, and I’m excited for it.”

After OTAs, the team won’t meet again in-person until Training Camp in July. But Wentz and several of his fellow receivers have already been making plans to meet and work outside of the designated times throughout the offseason.

“I’m not 100% sure of the details yet. We’ll get together — maybe even in June and probably in July as well,” Wentz said. “I’ve done that in the past, in Philly as well, and it’s just a great time to not just get the physical work on the field but to get together and bond outside of football, and just really build relationships and get to know guys.”

Wentz also feels in sync with head coach Frank Reich, which is not really too surprising, as he’ll likely be learning an offense which is somewhat similar to the one he and Reich ran together in Philadelphia.

“It’s still a lot of learning,” Wentz said. “I think where we picked up off, though, is just that we still totally understand each other. He understands how I see the game; I kind of know how he sees the game, and I think we just kind of picked up on that right away and just jumped right back in.”

Additionally, Wentz made sure to emphasize the importance of getting to know his teammates on a personal level, too.

“Just getting to know guys is always a big part of the camaraderie and chemistry in the locker room,” Wentz said. “Just trying to understand who they are as people. You know, family, wife, kids, all of those things that we can just really bond and connect on a different level, ‘cause then when we’re out there on Sunday’s, we have a deeper relationship, and we just really trust each other and love each other that much more.”

One thing is certainly clear: If Wentz’s leadership and abilities as a player — which have been on display and highlighted by his coaches and teammates since he arrived— are of any indication of what’s to come this season, I’d say the Colts are in great hands with him at the helm.