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The Colts Should Bring Back the ‘Retro’ Blue Facemasks

Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts

It’s officially the ‘dog days’ of the NFL offseason for Indianapolis Colts fans.

The lull of a time period between the big splashes of free agency and all of the buzz surrounding the NFL Draft and when team training camps officially start—where time seemingly slows down to a crawl in the league’s otherwise non-stop action of a universe.

You know, the time where the truly hard-hitting topics of the offseason come into play.

And here’s mine I’m throwing out there:

The Colts should bring back the blue facemasks.

Now, let me preface this by saying, I love the Colts iconic horseshoe look and all-time classic jerseys, and I’m certainly not proposing any drastic changes to that.

Here, minimalism and simplicity are good.

‘And if it clearly ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

(*That being said, I do enjoy the occasional ‘color rush’ game with speed blue pants, as well as Colts players once in a blue moon donning those 1950’s nearly all white/blue throwback Baltimore Colts’ helmets from time-to-time. After all, I believe Peyton Manning toasted the Detroit Lions secondary for 6 touchdown passes in Thanksgiving of 2004 wearing a nearly all white throwback one—before sitting out the 4th quarter in a lopsided Indianapolis victory. Colts fans slept very well that particular night, and it wasn’t just because of all the turkey tryptophan and stuffing they overconsumed).

I’m nostalgic, and we all know retro right now is clearly in.

Those 1990’s looks are coming back in style. #ILoveThe90’s #Y2K

But I wish they had never fully left.

When I reminisce regarding those blue face masks, I think of a young Peyton Manning and the ‘Triplets’ first few seasons together—with rising superstars Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James rounding out arguably the most prolific trio in league history in what would soon become a perennial offensive force for years to come—on a bonafide AFC juggernaut from then on out.

Per’s database, the Colts began using their now sorely missed blue face masks in 1995, consistently wearing them as part of their standard uniforms until the conclusion of the 2003 season—before transitioning to grey facemasks ever since.

That means for the first 6 seasons of his NFL career, the legendary Peyton Manning, who was drafted with the first overall pick of the 1998 NFL Draft wore . . . you guessed it?

Blue face masks.

The NFL has recently eased off on its restrictions on teams using alternate color helmets again, so is there a chance we might see the ‘I’m blue face’ masks in the foreseeable future?

da ba dee da ba daa

That is, at least for a select few games each season?

The Green Bay Packers, one of the NFL’s most historical and accomplished franchises, deploy a golden yellow helmet and a green face mask. Why can’t the Colts incorporate something similar for at least a few retro-themed games each season—featuring a white helmet and those shiny blue facemasks?

Listen, I’m not asking for the moon here or for the Colts to dramatically change a transcendent and classical look regarding their still sharp looking uniforms (which continue to age very well in father time’s often unforgiving eyes).

What I’m asking for is more blue—and not the Colts lovable and energetic horse mascot (sorry, Blue), but in terms of facemasks, blue facemasks to be exact.

I’m one for sentiment.

I’m one for nostalgia.

I’m one for retro.

I want to fondly reminisce.

And the time is now to bring the blue facemasks back (at least in a limited capacity).


Should the Colts Bring Back the Blue Facemasks?

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