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Predicting the Indianapolis Colts’ 2021 regular season record

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts know their opponents and when they will face each team as the 2021 schedule has been released. Now it’s time to look at each opponent and predict the Colts win totals for the season analyzing each game.

Game by game predictions:

Week 1 - September 12th: vs Seahawks, Win

The Colts open the season at home against the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks have one of the best passing offenses in football. They can pass and play defense at a high level. However, the Colts are much more balanced on offense and defense, they prove just slightly too much for the Seahawks.


Week 2 - September 19th: vs Rams, Loss

The Rams have a high-powered offense led by veteran QB Matt Stafford and a defense led by All-Pro DT Aaron Donald. The Colts can’t slow down Donald enough whilst trying to contain the Rams receivers on defense.


Week 3 - September 26th: @ Titans, Win

The Colts and Titans are similar teams. Both have franchise QBs, high-powered rushing offenses, solid passing attacks, and fast, athletic defenders. The Colts pull out a victory as the Titans defense doesn’t have a consistent answer for Wentz and Co.


Week 4 - October 3rd: @ Dolphins, Win

The 2020 Dolphins just missed out on the playoffs but the 2021 offense is run by Tua this time instead of relief QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Colts overwhelm Tua and pull out a win on the road in Miami.


Week 5 - October 12th: @ Ravens (Monday Night Football), Loss

The Colts play their first prime-time game against the Ravens on Monday Night Football. The Colts can’t keep pace with the Ravens’ Jackson-led offense and stout defense. The Colts lose in their primetime opener.


Week 6 - October 17th: vs. Texans, Win

The Texans' offense gave the Colts defense some problems in 2020 when Deshaun Watson was leading them. This year it isn’t going to be pretty for the Texans. Wentz and Co steamroll the Texans' defense and the Colts' defense chokes the offense.


Week 7 - October 25th: @ 49ers (Sunday Night Football), Loss

The Colts are on primetime on Sunday night football but the 49ers offense is too much for the Colts defense to handle. The Colts' offense tries to keep it close but the Niners sneak it in the end.


Week 8 - October 31st: vs Titans, Loss

After winning the first match-up the Colts lose the second clash after RB Derrick Henry runs wild. The Titans out-muscle the Colts for the win.


Week 9 - November 5th: vs. Jets (Thursday Night Football), Win

The Colts' third primetime game of the season is at home on Thursday Night Football. In a clear rebuild year, the Jets get overwhelmed by an onslaught from the Colts' offense and defense. This one could get ugly and quick!


Week 10 - November 14th: vs. Jaguars, Win

The Trevor Lawrence-led Jaguars prove to be a similar foe for the Colts. Improvement at quarterback doesn’t do enough, as the Colts defense shuts down the Jaguars offense.


Week 11 - November 21st: @ Bills, Win

The Colts play the Bills in a rematch of the 2020 playoff wildcard game. However, this time the end result isn’t the same. The Colts' offense is too much for the Bills' defense and even though Josh Allen and the offense try to keep it close the Colts pull off the victory on the road.


Week 12 - November 28th: vs. Buccaneers, Loss

The Colts welcome the reigning Super Bowl champion with a familiar face in the Bruce Arians-led Buccaneers. The Buccaneers show why they just won the Super Bowl and get the win in Indianapolis


Week 13 - December 5th: @ Texans, Win

As I said earlier the Texans without Watson aren’t very good at all. The Colts steamroll the Texans again.


Week 15 - December 19th: vs Patriots, Win

The Colts get their best chance to beat the Patriots since the Luck-led offense days. Wentz outplays Newton/Jones and the Colts beat the Patriots handsomely.


Week 16 - December 26th: @ Cardinal, Loss

The Colts play their final primetime game of the season against the Arizona Cardinals. Kyler Murray’s big arm and his ability to make plays with his legs carve out a tough win against the Colts on Boxing Day.


Week 17 - January 2nd: vs Raiders, Win

The Raiders travel to Indianapolis for the Colts' final home game of their schedule. Carr and co try to keep it close but can’t outsmart the Colts defense whilst Wentz and co take advantage of a below-average Raiders defense.


Week 18 - January 9th: @ Jaguars, Win

The Jaguars are at home but not much else is on their side in this one. Colts win.


Predicted record: 11-6