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Michael Pittman Jr. On Taking the Next Step in Year 2: ‘I Want To Be That Guy’

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Colts’ wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. showed a lot of promise as rookie last season. Pittman Jr. spoke with fellow team reporters after the second day of training camp, and emphasized the expectations which he’s set for himself this season.

When specifically asked how comfortable he is now compared to this same time last year, Pittman expressed how much easier it feels going into his second year.

“I’m so much more comfortable going through OTAs and then in-person meetings: I feel like I’ve been here, I feel like I’ve done this,” Pittman Jr. said.

Additionally, Pittman Jr. also mentioned some of the bigger differences between his rookie season and this season.

“You’re a rookie, and you can’t really say much. You can’t really be yourself because you’re just trying to be a good rookie and trying to do your part,” Pittman Jr. said. “But now, I can be me and have fun.”

Pittman Jr. welcomes the pressure. He knows what’s expected of him and what needs to be done in order to help the team’s offense become a more consistent unit in 2021.

“That’s pressure that I’ve been looking for,” Pittman Jr. said. “I want to be that guy, so I will except that pressure and try to play to the highest of my ability.”

One other important factor which Pittman Jr. highlighted was the differences in Philip Rivers’ and Carson Wentz’s game. More specifically, how Wentz’s mobility and arm strength are going to play a major role in this year’s offense.

Colts’ reporter Zak Keefer asked this kind of question to Pittman Jr., and he thought the wideouts’ answer was “really good.”

“It opens up scramble plays, QB boots, more movement,” Pittman Jr. said.

Pittman Jr.’s absolutely right, too. This offense is going to look much different now that the team has a QB, like Wentz, who can not only launch it downfield, but also extend plays with his mobility and take off to gain extra yardage when a play breaks down.

We’ve seen what the big-bodied wideout can do when given a greater role within the offense, and he’s ready to step up and become a game-changer for this Colts’ offense this season.