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Colts sign QB Brett Hundley to fill the spot created by Wentz injury; Sign DT Joey Ivie

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Under different circumstances, one might conclude that signing Brett Hundley indicates that the Colts aren’t seriously concerned about Wentz’s foot injury. After all, Indianapolis had to move forward in training camp and they needed to sign a quarterback. Sadly, outside of luring a veteran out of retirement, Hundley is about as good as the Colts can likely get at this point.

Hundley has nine starts under his belt, which were all with the Green Bay Packers when Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collar bone in 2017. He finished the season 3-9 as a starter. His wins came against the Bears, Bucs, and Browns. The Bears and Bucs finished last in their respective divisions, each with only five wins. The Browns didn’t win a game in 2017.

With that resume, the picture gets clearer. Either Wentz will be returning from injury early enough in the season for the Colts not to panic, the projected starter was already on the roster Eason/Ehlinger, or a more substantial move will be made once the team receives more clarity o the severity of Wentz’s injury. Until that time, Hundley has more NFL experience than any other signal-caller by a wide margin.

Expect this saga to continue.

Also, don’t be surprised if Colts fans are hesitant to place a great deal of confidence in what the team chooses to share. The history over the last decade of downplaying injuries, resulting in major letdowns, is well documented: Peyton Manning’s neck injury was downplayed in 2011 and he missed the entire season after undergoing surgery; Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury and recovery were downplayed in 2017 and he missed the season, and Luck’s ankle injury was downplayed in 2019 before he announced an early retirement.

The signing of veteran defensive tackle Joey Ivie is likely another camp body situation. Since he was drafted in the seventh round of the 2017 NFL Draft, Ivie has been a part of six different franchises and has generated two regular-season tackles. In 2020, Ivie spent the season jumping between the active roster and practice squad in Cleveland but did not play.