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Dan Hanzus of says Colts’ QB Carson Wentz will be ‘team’s MVP’ in 2021

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images’s Dan Hanzus, in a recent article, gave his predictions for each AFC team’s 2021 MVP. The Colts’ MVP? QB Carson Wentz.

Hanzus, in part, writes, “Yep, I’m on the Wentz Wagon. What’s it to you?” Wentz is still just 28, his size and arm strength remain impressive, and I’m completely sold on Frank Reich’s ability to fix the one-time cornerstone QB.”

I’m 100% with Dan here. Personally, I’ve always thought highly of Wentz and his game even before he was traded to the Colts just a few short months ago. Hanzus isn’t the only one who’s ‘on the Wentz Wagon,’ either.

Zach Hicks, the Lead Colts’ Analyst for Sports Illustrated, reported Wednesday evening that Wentz has been “working tirelessly with Adam Dedeaux since Feburary.” Hicks goes on to mention that, “Dedeaux is also going to be in contact with Wentz throughout the season as well to ensure he doesn’t fall back into his bad habits.”

Wentz working with Dedeaux is great news, as we know that he can help the former No. 2 overall pick regain his confidence with his overall football mechanics. Many were critical of Wentz in 2020, which was completely warranted given how awful his play was for the Eagles.

While mechanics are certainly a greater portion which make up the overall build of an NFL QB, having the proper support systems in place is just as key. Having a coach, franchise and fanbase who supports you both on and off the field — through the great and terrible moments — is critical.

The Eagles are a team which is built like a machine made of spare parts. They have some decent pieces, but the majority of the “machine”, or team, in this case, feels thrown together. Indianapolis, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. They’re arguably the most well-constructed team in their division and have multiple stars on both sides of the ball.

Coaching, and all aspects which come with the position, matters in the NFL. Being reunited with Frank Reich, who’s been one of Wentz’s biggest supporters since being drafted in 2015, is going to make a gargantuan difference in 2021.

Wentz, as I’ve mentioned before, couldn’t have landed in a better position. This Colts team is ready to take off and possesses the firepower to make some serious noise in the AFC this season.