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Colts Head Coach Frank Reich on Michael Strachan, Sam Ehlinger, position battles, kNot Today Foundation, and much more

Reich spoke to Stampede Blue on a multitude of topics on Monday.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich took time out of his busy schedule on Monday afternoon to speak with Stampede Blue about a wide-ranging amount of topics. From impressive rookies to an update on his kNot Today Foundation, Reich spoke for close to 20 minutes on all the latest revolving around the Colts.

Below, a quick transcript of what Reich had to say about Michael Strachan’s strong first impression as a 7th-round pick, plus Sam Ehlinger’s ‘It Factor’ that continues to show itself in key situations:

Q: What kind of impact have you seen from Strachan throughout camp, your first impressions of him, and also maybe a potential role during the regular season for him?

“He’s been showing up in camp every day. That’s been the good thing for him. It’s not just a flash play here or there. It’s happening every day, there is a consistency. Sometimes when you’re a young player, you don’t just want to see flashes you want to see some consistency. There’s been a few mental mistakes here and there, that’s normal for a rookie, but physically there’s been good consistency. The other thing that I think about Mike that’s so impressive is that he’s not just a good physical talent, but you can tell how smart of a player he is. He’s a very instinctive route runner. And the game is just not too big for him. So, I think those three things bode well for him, niching out a role for himself. I think it’s too early to tell what that will be, we have a good group, but we really like where he’s at right now and expect him to continue to grow and make an impact on our team.”

Q: You’ve mentioned before Sam Ehlinger and the ‘It Factor’ he has. I know it may be hard to describe, you’ve mentioned that before, but can you just picture what that ‘It Factor’ is that you’ve noticed over the last few months alongside Sam?

“Yeah, I mean, he just exudes confidence. I would say one, when he steps into the huddle, you just know this guy is a natural leader. I think guys think he’s going to find a way, just like he did on the last drive of the game to make a play. I think that’s what he’s done his whole career. He’s a winner. And then I think the ‘It Factor’ is as a leader. It’s not just about you, it’s about the rest of the team. And I think guys sense he’s a team-first guy. There’s very little ego involved. So, those are a few of the things that I perceive about his ‘It Factor.’”

For the entire interview with Reich, check out the video below. Reich went into great detail about a variety of topics you won’t want to miss out on.