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How did Colts players rank on Madden 22?

Where do Colts players check in with their rating on EA’s latest video game installment?

Super Bowl XXXIX - Madden Bowl Finals - February 3, 2005 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

In case you have fallen out of touch with video games, or just simply quit playing Madden because of how stale it has become, I am here to remind you that Madden 22 will be dropping on Friday.

After not buying the past two releases, I am really hyped about this one as it seems like EA has finally put in the work in Franchise Mode and it seems like there will be plenty of new features to freshen up a game mode that was forgotten in favour of the much more profitable Ultimate Team.

Anyways, enough of video game analysis, and let’s check just how well represented our Colts’ players are. Starting with Indianapolis only X-Factor player, DeForest Buckner, who gets a 92 overall grade and the “Unstoppable Force” X-Factor, which means his block shedding gets a boost and he has a bigger chance of winning one-on-one battles in pass rush.

Other than Buckner, the other best-rated players on the Colts’ defense are Darius Leonard (89), Kenny Moore II (84), Grover Stewart (83), and Xavier Rhodes (81). Of course I am biased on this one, but I believe this ratings are criminally low for a defense that played so well last season. Personally, I would put Moore and Leonard in the 90s range, while putting Stewart, Okereke and Rhodes in the 85-plus category. I also believe Willis and Blackmon deserve at the very least above an 80 overall.

As for the offense, of course Quenton Nelson is the top player at 95 overall, with two fellow offensive linemen rounding up the top five in Ryan Kelly (87) and Braden Smith (84). Now, surprisingly, the next-best player is Marlon Mack (84), who played in just one game last season due to a torn Achilles. Jonathan Taylor looks set as the starter after an explosive rookie campaign. Next up is T.Y Hilton, who is still solid but I personally would not rank him ahead of players like Taylor, Nyheim Hines, or perhaps even Zach Pascal.

There is a new feature coming in this Madden where teams have a distinct home field advantage that can really alter the outcome of a game, making it harder to play away games, more like reality. The Colts home field advantage is “Hat Count” which allows the home team defense to see the hat count on plays via coach cam.

Note: In case you do not recognize him, that on the picture is actually former Colt Dwight Freeney, playing in a Madden Tournament. The first thing I will do when I get Madden is try and form a defense with Mathis, Freeney, Buckner, Leonard, and Sanders.