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Vegas oddsmakers predict 0-5 start for Colts

Vegas thinks Indy doesn’t even notch a win in their gauntlet to the begin the season.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Kelly Wilkinson/IndyStar via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The beginning of the Indianapolis Colts’ 2021-22 schedule is absolutely brutal. Four of their first games are against playoff teams, and the other one just barely missed the cut last season.

If you need a quick refresher, here’s the first five weeks for the Colts: Seahawks, Rams, @ Titans, @ Dolphins, @ Ravens. As you can see, that has to be the toughest opening slate of any team in the NFL.

Las Vegas oddsmakers are betting against Indy throughout this stretch to the tune of an 0-5 start, per DraftKings. Not only are the Colts predicted to start 0-5, but also 1-6 splitting their next two games afterwards against the Houston Texans (favorites) and San Francisco 49ers (underdogs).

Could you imagine the hysteria in Indianapolis if this start actually occurred? Colts fans would be ready to hop off the Carson Wentz bandwagon, and who knows what else would be going down to have a worst-case scenario like that come to fruition.

After the gauntlet to begin the season, Indianapolis’ schedule softens up significantly. The oddsmakers see a late-season push from the Colts, but it’s too late after a horrific September and October stretch.

According to DraftKings’ weekly odds, which you can go bet on right now, the Colts are predicted to finish with a below .500 record at 8-9. Imagining an 8-9 finish for Indianapolis is gruesome to even imagine, and it surely wouldn’t sit well within the Colts’ organization as well.

Well, the Colts now have bulletin board material thanks to the oddsmakers. Not only is an 0-5 start expected from outsiders, but a record well out of playoff reach at well once the season comes to a close.

I’m on record saying this Colts team, barring health, is a legitimate 10-12 win team on paper. If they can survive their early schedule finishing 3-2 or 2-3, they are in business for a double-digit win campaign.

What’s your thoughts on Vegas being so low on the Colts’ start, which ends with a disappointing 8-9 record?