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What the foot? A Very Stable Podcast with Stampede Blue’s Stephen Reed

NFL: JUL 28 Colts Training Camp Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Stampede Blue and the SB Nation podcast network are reimagining the weekly podcast schedule and looking to provide the Colts fan community with a variety of options, including multiple formats. The newest addition to our lineup is A Very Stable Podcast, presented by host Stephen Reed.

Stephen will share pertinent Colts news and information along with his commentary in a show that will typically run for about 20 minutes. Be sure to tune in during your daily commute to or from work to get your Colts fix, or flip on the podcast during your lunch break.

In his second episode, Stephen discusses the latest in Colts training camp and the team’s odd run of bad luck with feet. Perhaps a rabbit’s foot in every locker will help? Does a rabbit’s foot cancel out the luck of a horseshoe?

Please check out the podcast, follow Stephen and the podcast on Twitter, and provide feedback and interact with Stephen on the Stampede Blue front page.