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Colts Fans and Stampede Blue Community Q&A - Week 1 ANSWERS

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Colts fans and Stampede Blue readers can submit their Colts questions to have a chance of them being answered in our Q&A.

Missed out this time? Don’t worry, you can get involved next time by submitting a question when the Q&A post goes up in the comments section, in the Twitter replies, or on the Facebook post comments.

Let’s jump straight into this week’s questions:

Voting Machines (Stampede Blue Comments): Why is Parris Campbell always hurt?

Answer: Parris Campbell has been dealt a very unlucky hand so far during his time in the NFL. During his college career he missed just two games for Ohio State. However, since being drafted by the Colts in 2019 Campbell has missed 23 games in two years. Campbell has had a very healthy pre-season so far this year and although he cropped up on the Colts injury report this week he is full go for Sunday’s game against the Seahawks. If Campbell was injury prone in college it would be understandable for him to have had injury problems in the NFL but that was not the case.

Ballard’s Inner Voice (Stampede Blue Comments): I really like Frank Reich as a coach, person, and leader. However, quite a few times last year he displayed questionable play calls. I’ve heard he’s obsessed with being unpredictable (to a fault in my opinion). If Wentz doesn’t work out and there’s more blatantly questionable calls this year, could Reich be on the hot seat next year?

Answer: The Colts offense is very good and Reich has led the Colts offense to play very good football considering he’s been dealing with a different starting quarterback every year. How good the offense has been and considering how Reich has had to adapt it to a different quarterback each year has been incredible.

Frank Reich believes in Carson Wentz and thinks quite highly of him too. Reich was quite vocal in wanting to bring in Wentz to Chris Ballard. If, for what ever reason, Wentz doesn’t work out then I could see Reich getting some heat his way especially seeing as he was vocal in wanting Wentz in Indianapolis. Ballard will likely get some heat to as it was ultimately his decision to make the trade. If Wentz doesn’t pan out and he ends up costing the team a first round pick it will knock the team back a few years and it will ultimately be Reich and Ballard that get the blame.

Hoosier Badger (Stampede Blue Comments): What are the most challenging and most favourable match ups for the Colts against the Seahawks either individually or by unit (e.g., D-line vs. O-line)?

Answer: Some of the most challenging match ups for the Colts against the Seahawks are; the Colts cornerbacks vs the Seahawks wide receivers, Kwity Paye vs Duane Brown, the Colts rush offense vs the Seahawks rush defense and the Colts pass blocking vs the Seahawks blitz packages.

Some of the most favourable match ups for the Colts against the Seahawks are; the Colts wide receivers vs the Seahawks cornerbacks, the Colts offensive tackles vs the Seahawks defensive ends and the Colts defensive tackles vs the Seahawks interior offensive line.