Time To Be Bold

Just a couple of days until the full schedule opens, so I thought I'd post a place for you to toss your prognostications for the upcoming season. I'll start by predicting the Buc's score late to take down Dallas in the opener... Buying that?

How about we just assume everyone plays a full schedule, and that all teams are equally affected by the elephant in the room? I'm gonna make bold predictions about the Colts record, team rankings, individual accomplishments, and a league wide selection or two.

1) If you cant be rose-colored in week 1, when the hell can you? I think the Colts get through the tough opening stretch at 3 - 2 and retake the division from the Titans. #3 seed, sees us getting a rematch with the Bills, which we win this time. If we beat KC in the AFC Championship, we win it all.

2) The D will be #1 against the run and top 3 in points allowed.

3) We will have 6 Pro Bowlers: Taylor, Kelly, and Nelson on the offense. Buckner, Leonard and Blackmon on D. Taylor leads the league in yards from scrimmage. Blackmon leads the league in INTs.

4) Just so you don't forget my Brissett fandom, I have him taking over for Tua and leading the Fins to a playoff spot. The Chargers are not the juggernaut that many predict. The Bears are the surprise team, making a ROY out of Fields.

Looking back at this, I'm thinking it looks like it was 6 or 7 beers in, rather than after my first.

Take your shots!

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