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Week 1 Post Game Wrap

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Football is back!

After every game, I make a short video where I explain why the Colts won or lost, who played well or poorly and what else went on around the AFC South. The Colts may have lost, but so did the Jaguars and Titans. That’s right, the Houston Texans currently sit atop the AFC South all alone. You can follow me on Twitter (@LikelyAlien). Here’s that video I promised.

Additionally, you may have noticed there haven’t been any episodes of Afternoon Pancakes. While there may come a time we return to that format, I’ve decided to record my own weekly podcast, a one man show, called The Coltist. Here’s the first episode shot just a few days ago. You can follow the podcast on Twitter (@TheColtist) and Instagram (@TehColtist). Enjoy!