Six take aways from Game #1

Here are a few of my thoughts after Game 1:

  1. This game was lost in the trenches. Seattle dominated the Colts on both sides of the ball. The Colts really miss having a utility guy like Joe Haeg; Ballard will need to invest a mid round pick to get someone like this imho. Not having AC out there was also a huge blow. He and Nelson had a lot of good chemistry. The defensive line also got pushed around. The schedule doesn’t get any easier, so we shall see.
  2. I think we’re also seeing some regression based on coaching, more specifically along the offensive line. Anyone else notice them not playing with that edge/mean streak? Did losing coach DeGuglielmo make a difference. I realize he got clipped a few years ago, but I have noticed the line lacking that attitude since he left. But maybe it’s me.
  3. The Colts secondary also needs to improve. The TD’s they gave up were too easy and were mostly blown coverages. I’m a little surprised the safeties struggling like that. Hope they pick it up next week. Missing Xavier Rhodes does hurt.
  4. The Seahawks were carving up the zone and soft coverages. I wish the Colts would play more tight press (with more blitzes), especially when the front four aren’t getting any pressure. It’s frustrating to see teams march down the field at will.
  5. TY being out really hurt. Lacking a true deep threat (or a credible running game), the Seahawks were able to really just focus on pressuring Carson. They were in the backfield all game. Again, I think a lot of this goes back to the attitude/mean streak of the offensive line. The run blocking wasn’t the best today.
  6. Carson Wentz looks good, so long as he has time in the pocket. I think once things get ironed out with this offense, he will shine. The tools are there, he just needs some help to become a franchise QB.

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