Colts are toast against Rams

Reason 1. Matt Stafford looks great against bears I wish would’ve had enough draft capital to get him instead of Wentz.

Reason 2. Aaron Donald will have a field day against a injured Quentin Nelson and a practice squad left tackle

Reason 3. Cooper Kupp is very very good who the heck in our secondary is gonna guard him maybe Kenny Moore? But he can only do so much.

Reason 4. Colts offense is very predictable because Wentz haven’t had much time to practice plus the run blocking wasn’t great

Reason 5. Bad coaching examples not taking the points instead of going for it every fourth and 1, under utilization of Michael Pittman who looked great when he did get catches and not coming up with more creative ways to get 28 involved.

I love the Colts and will watch every Colts game even if we lost every game but let’s be realistic our team looked pretty mediocre yesterday I was at the game. The defense is mostly healthy so where is this top 10 or top 15 defense at? One player Xavier Rhodes can’t make or break the entire defense. Should’ve invested more in vet defensive lineman and cb talent/depth.

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