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Matchups to Watch Revisited: Week 1 Vs. Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Rock Ya-Sin Vs. D.K Metcalf/Tyler Lockett

Rock Ya-Sin had a nice start to the season, as he and the cornerbacks actually had a solid game. The passing touchdowns were the fault of the safeties and linebackers (Khari Willis and Darius Leonard, in particular). The Colts’ defense does not need Ya-Sin to turn into a prime Vontae Davis-type cornerback to be successful, but watching him holding his own, especially considering how thin the Colts are at cornerback, is encouraging.

Colts’ IDL Vs. Seahawks’ IOL

Grover Stewart and DeForest Buckner did not have a very good game on Sunday. Chris Carson was able to run the ball without major complications and Russell Wilson did not suffer consistent pressure from the inside of the pocket. On Lockett’s long touchdown to end the first half, you can see DeForest Buckner getting absolutely stonewalled one-on-one by the Seahawks’ right guard. With both of these players being among the highest paid in the NFL, the standard is much higher.

Ryan Kelly Vs. Jamal Adams

Man, was the offensive line a mess. Kelly has to be better. I don’t know for sure if the botched snap on the 4th and 1 QB sneak is on him, but leaving that out of the table, it was still a horrible game for Kelly.

Parris Campbell Vs. D.J Reed

Just one catch on three targets for Campbell. Not only Campbell, but the passing offense as a whole was uninspiring. As he shakes off the rust from his injury, he will most likely get better, not as it can get any worse...

Braden Smith Vs. Carlos Dunlap

In the end, it was not Carlos Dunlap that gave the Colts headaches, but Rasheem Green and Darrell Taylor. Smith was terrible all game long, and he was exposed on perhaps the most important play of the game. Facing 4th and 2 in the redzone to start the 4th quarter, with the Colts down by 11, Smith got abused by Taylor one-on-one, who then proceeded to sack Wentz and end the Colts' hopes for a comeback. Smith did not show anything at all to prove that he deserved that big extension last Sunday.