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Betting Against the Spread Week 2

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

I read a peer-reviewed study that warnings about the dangers of gambling addiction are largely pointless and ineffective. Gambling is a highly addictive habit and for the most part, the good word is to avoid betting or gambling on sports of any kind so that you can actually sit and enjoy this game we all love.

That said, Week 1 wasn’t a bad start for us, was it?

We hit on Thursday Night Football because we took the Cowboys and 6.5 points and got a 2-point game!

We won with the Steelers, won by losing by 4 with the Browns, pushed with the Panthers winning by 5 and then won with the Dolphins. So we were 4-1 with a push as our only loss in our Week 1 parlay. That’s not an awful way to start!

Week 2, and again, all lines are from BetMGM, I’m not particularly interested in betting on what I perceive to be a bad football game from the jump, so I’d recommend not taking the Redskins -3.5 and then watch them run away from a bad Giants team on Thursday night.

The Bengals are +2.5 on the road against the Bears and I’m tempted to bet on Joe Burrow on the road here, but Vegas must know something I don’t. I checked. I what? Yeah, take the Bengals +2.5 here.

I like the Cowboys +3.5 on the road against the Chargers because I believe in bounce-back games and I’m not as impressed with the Chargers 4-point Week 1 win against the WFT as I am with the Cowboys’ 2-point Week 1 one loss on the road against the Bucs. The Cowboy ceiling is higher on offense, I think. I’d also take the over here.

I’m not nearly as confident picking the Dolphins +3.5 at home against the Bills, but it’s the only other Sunday day game I’m comfortable picking ATS beside maybe taking the Vikings+3.5 on the road against the Cardinals, but Arizona/Kyler Murray scares the Beetlejuice right out of me.

I really want to take the Ravens +3.5 at home against the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football because I believe in revenge games, first and foremost, and also think that primetime brings out the best in us. I believe in natural rivalries and think so long as these two quarterbacks stay healthy, we may very well be looking at the front-runners in the AFC for a long time to come.

These are the five games I feel comfortable betting against the spread this week, and outside of that, I want to encourage people who haven’t done so yet to get vaccinated and also ask that you continue to or start wearing a mask whenever you leave your home and especially if you’re going to be around a bunch of people who aren’t wearing masks and/or aren’t also vaccinated as a precaution. Stay with me! We can get through this!

I wanted to point out that I’m staying away from taking the 11-point action between the Packers and Lions or the 12-point action between the Falcons and Buccaneers. Why, you may ask? I think blowouts are a very real possibility here and also aren’t probable at all. Remember that traditionally, anyway, games are typically decided by 3 points or less and the home team typically wins about 63% of home games, but that COVID-19 has affected home field advantage and is something to note. Stadiums were packed Week 1. Will they stay that way all season long?

Also, lastly, I guess I could get behind the Jets +6 at home against the Patriots because why not?

What favorites do you like? How’d you do Week 1?

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