Takeaways from Game #2

Another set of takes from Game #2:

  1. The Colts are officially 0-2. This is not the start you wanted to the season, but it’s also not too much of a surprise. The kicker is both were home games, so that’ll sting. The Colts will have to go on the road next week, possibly down their starting QB to face the Titans. The Colts really have their backs up against a wall now. Going 0-3 would be devastating.
  2. On the bright side, Carson Wentz is a quality starter, he showed a lot of poise today. Although he was harassed all game, I thought he played reasonably well. He had a few mistakes here and there, but was mostly solid. It’s very clear that if the Colts are going to win, Carson will need to be at the helm. Let’s hope his injury is not serious.
  3. The Colts struggled again this week in the trenches. Aaron Donald was all over the place and really wrecked havoc on the Colts offense. While on the flip side, Stafford mostly had a clean pocket to throw in. Someone in the comments mentioned we were missing Autry, Houston, and Walker. I’m thinking the same thing. The defense this year doesn’t appear to be on the same level as last year. There seem to be a lot of miscommunications and blown coverages. Let’s hope this improves.
  4. The roster, as it is constructed, was designed to be balanced (on offense and defense). However, an emphasis was placed on dominating up front; so that’s where a big chunk of the money and draft picks were spent. Problem is they are not dominating this year. As a whole, both units are struggling. This is exacerbated by the fact that they really don’t have anyone dominant at the skill positions. The result is 0-2.
  5. There was a lot of hand wringing with regards to the first two draft picks this year, both spent on the d-line. Was that a wise move? Or could the Colts have picked up a starter at LT, TE, CB, or WR with those picks? And you look more closely at DE, you have: Turay, Banogu, Lewis, Odeyingbo, and Paye. That’s four 2nd and one 1st round pick. That’s a lot of draft capital spent on just two positions in the trenches. Yet, are the Colts getting elite level play as you would expect? Hopefully the play in the trenches in general improves over the coming weeks.
  6. Anyone miss Grigson yet? Just kidding. However, I do fear that if this season unravels into something like 0-5, you will start to hear grumblings of dissatisfaction amongst the fan base. I do realize both Frank and Chris received extensions this year, but I don’t think a bad start would be overlooked by fans and media personalities. Even at 0-2, all is not lost. The Colts play in the AFC South. Both the Jaguars and Colts are winless, but the Titans and Houston only have one win a piece. So winning the division is certainly not out of reach. Let’s just hope the Colts turn it around at Tennessee next week.

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