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Monday Morning Awards: Week 2 Vs. Rams

NFL: SEP 19 Rams at Colts Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

MVP of the Game: Carson Wentz

Wentz did everything in his power to keep the Colts in the game. Despite another lackluster showing by the offensive line (causing him to take a beating), and no running game, Wentz stood tall in the pocket and delivered some beautiful balls. His mobility also helped avoid a decent number of sacks and he got some positive yards tucking and running. Wentz has surpassed my expectations so far, but the rest of the offense has disappointed me. Let’s just hope that once the supporting cast returns to proper form Wentz is healthy enough to lead them.

Dud of the Game (The Grigsy): Julie’n Davenport

Davenport is currently the worst tackle in the entire NFL. I understand that considering how hard it is to find a quality starting tackle, finding a solid backup is even harder, but I doubt Davenport is the best option for a team that hopes to make the playoffs. Davenport allowed 7 pressures yesterday, a week after allowing 6. There are plenty of other options for this award, but Davenport was by far the worst player on Sunday. I also put some of the blame on Reich, who left him one-on-one a lot without any sort of help from either a tight end or a running back.

Best Play of the Game: Colts recovered botched snap in the endzone for the score

This is the best play of the game for the Colts not through of any merit of their own, as this was just incredible luck, but because of the momentum shift it brought at the time. After consecutive 3 and outs forced by the Colts defense, the Rams’ special teams unit botched the snap, hitting #33 in the arm. After linebacker E.J Speed made a nice play preventing Hekker from getting the ball back, Asthon Dulin recovered the ball in the endzone to put the Colts up 21-17. Sadly, right after that, the Stafford-Kupp connection made easy work of Indy’s defense, easily scoring a touchdown in just 4 plays to regain the lead.

Worst Play of the Game: Redzone sequence to start the game

1st and Goal at the 1: JT stuffed for no gain

2nd and goal at the 1: JT stuffed for no gain

3rd and goal at the 1: JT stuffed for no gain

4th and goal at the 1: Wentz sacked for a 9 yard loss

This was infuriating, especially since Reich is supposedly a short-yardage genius. The Colts, despite having allegedly the best interior offensive line in the NFL, could not score on 4 consecutive attempts at the one-yard line. Simply inexcusable, and it is becoming a recurring theme in this young season.

Best Position Group: Wide receivers

Not much to write about here, as the receivers only get this award because MPJ had a very good game yesterday, gaining over a hundred yards and showing he can be a #1 receiver, and Zach Pascal got another touchdown.

Unsung Hero: Zach Pascal

Zach Pascal might be the most underrated receiver in the NFL. We all know how good he is at blocking, but over the past 3 seasons, he has turned into a reliable weapon in the passing game as well. Pascal has 3 receiving touchdowns so far and it looks like he is the Colts’ most consistent option in the redzone thus far.

Rookie of the Week: Kwity Paye

This is not saying Kwity will win DROY or anything like that, it is just saying that he earns the Colts Rookie of the Week award by default, since he is the only Colts’ rookie making at least some kind of impact.