Should Ballard be under fire for the product he’s put on the field

Take off the rose colored glasses bro we haven’t done shit since Luck retired but be mediocre. We’ve basically become the damn pacers. This shit disheartening cause I want the Colts to compete every year but we are mediocre at best and our only big signature win since Luck left was against Mahomes once he got injured. I mean how many busts is Ballard gonna draft I honestly thought we should’ve took mclaurin in the draft instead of Campbell but that’s only cause mclaurin was the local kid. I mean Ballard is living off of big Q and maniac and Braden smith the majority of his picks have been questionable at best except for Taylor he is a stud. What the hell are we saving cap space for when we can’t even field a competitive oline or competent safeties! I’m not saying fire anybody but something’s gotta change. This dude Ballard talks about culture all the time when all he doing is building a losing culture. Ok I’m done venting. And I hate Sean Payton and Bill Billichek but I tell u what they know how to build a winning culture.

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